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Here at High Profile Technologies, we're open and honest about our warranties.

It's important that our customers are covered, so they can focus on their business.

That's why we give all new machines a 2-year warranty, as standard!



Don't Have A Machine Warranty | Expensive Costs

Not having a warranty on your machine can be exceptionally costly. Never mind the cost of parts, labour from a skilled engineer can put repair costs up to £500, on top of delivery charges etc.

Take into account the downtime of not running and having to factor in a potentially costly repair on top of your regular bills.


Don’t be caught out!


Renewing Your Machine Warranty

To renew your warranty for 12 months, it will cost £750 +VAT.

Your machine must have a 'pre-warranty inspection' carried out no longer than 30 days before renewal.

This inspection is carried out on a service visit. After this inspection your machine would be classed as either 'fully operational' or 'requires work'.

If it is fully operational, your machine does not require any work to be brought back into a warrantable condition.

If your machine requires work, the work diagnosed by the engineer needs to be carried out before a full parts and labour warranty 


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Handset Warranty

A handset’s warranty is treated separately from a machine’s warranty as it is a wear & tear item. All handsets are guaranteed for 12 months or until the shot/line usage is exceeded. Whichever comes first.

A handset is considered out of warranty once it exceeds the usage stated below or 12 month period.

With light-based applicators, never exceed the shot life as an excessive danger to the machine and customers can occur.


Machine Shot/Line Guarantee Warranty Time Shot/Line Expectancy
FLO HR 250,000 12 Months 400,000 - 500,000

InteliBrite IPL

30,000 12 Months 40,000 - 50,000
Infinity Diode 2,500,000 12 Months 4,000,000 - 5,000,000
Trinity 3-in-1 2,500,000 12 Months 4,000,000 - 5,000,000
Trinity Elite 2,500,000± 12 Months 30,000,000
Inkaway 250,000 12 Months 400,000 - 500,000
SoniXsmooth 1/2* 8,000 12 Months 8,000
GLO SR§ 50,000 12 Months 90,000 - 110,000 


± Each Trinity Elite Handset is Warranted Separately up to 2,500,000 shots. The life expectancy of each handset is 10,000,000 shots, cumulating to 30,000,000 total shots.

* HiFu output is measured in lines, not shots.

§ Also applicable skin rejuvenation applicators included with Flo Plus machines

Machine Warranty

• High Profile Technologies guarantees any new machine for 24 months after installation.

• We also guarantee our pre-loved range of machines for 12 months.

• Any repairs conducted on your machine are guaranteed for 12 months. 

Covered Not Covered

Technical Support

Non Wear & Tear Parts

Labour & Call Out Fees

Collection & Delivery Fees

User Defined/Preventable Damage

Cosmetic Replacements

Applicator Accessories

Issues that go unreported for 30 days


As a machine owner, it is your responsibility to:

  • Supply the machine with the appropriate power, using the correct power cable
  • Refill the machine only with the correct iCycle Fluid.
  • Store & operate the machine in a safe and appropriate environment (A comfortable room temperature with low humidity and at least 30cm of air-flow at the back of the machine).
  • Operate under safe & legal conditions - as per training and local regulations
  • Report any issues with your machine within 30 days of noticing them.
  • Do not attempt to repair the machine yourself without first consulting HPT, this will void your warranty.
  • Do not operate over the stated shot limit for your machine.
  • Avoid using at full power for extended periods of time; this can be harmful to your clients and your machine.
  • Never move the machine without first removing the handset from its socket.
  • If you’ve recently had your machine/handset in for maintenance, always patch test clients for their first treatment after.
  • Do not operate the machine with a known issue.


Your machine will be due a service around 12 months after installation.

The first service of any new machine is FREE after this, service visits are £250 +VAT.

All services include the consumables that may be required on this service.

We will contact you when your service is due; inevitably it is your responsibility to schedule the service.

We will try to book the service in over a 1 month period, via telephone followed by email.

If we are unable to make contact over this month period, we will issue a formal letter informing you about your service being overdue.

If 3 months have elapsed, your service will be forfeited.

With any machine, you'll receive a personal booklet that logs any maintenance your machine has had. Your service engineer will update it every time they visit your machine.


You get a service log with every machine to keep track of what work you've had done.

Stages of Breakdown & Support

Under the unfortunate event that an issue with your machine occurs, we deal with this in stages.

The aim is to deal with any fault as quick and efficient as possible, depending on the stage this may require for the machine to be in the service department for up to 2 weeks.

For Machines

For Handsets

Stage 1

Telephone/video diagnosis of the reported fault, with over the phone repair.

Stage 1

Telephone/video diagnosis of the reported fault, with over the phone repair.

Stage 2

Engineer callout and onsite diagnosis & repair of reported & actual fault.

Stage 2

The handset is packaged and sent to us for repair via courier service. The servicing team will test and diagnose it to be repaired.

Stage 3

The machine is collected & delivered to the servicing department. The engineers will perform an inspection to diagnose report & actual fault, following this if needed the repair can be carried out, followed by testing to prove the repair

Stage 3

If the handset is still in-operational once returned, you can ship it back to the service team and they will fully deconstruct it to evaluate the damage and make any repairs necessary.

Stage 4

If the reported fault still occurs, the machine will be recollected, returned to the service department, where a full machine breakdown will take place, with precise inspection, repair and testing. This an estimated 2 weeks from collection to re-delivery.

Stage 4

After all this, if the handset is still un-operational, we will replace it fully.


Warranty Definitions

Reported Issue - The issue which is reported by the customer but not confirmed by the service department

Confirmed Issue - Where an issue is observed by the service department

Fully Operational - Where there are no Confirmed Issues & any Reported Issues have been inspected and written off

Pre-Warranty Inspection - Your machine has to be inspected by an HPT engineer and given an assessment of its functional condition.

Cosmetic Damage - Where a machine or applicator may be scratched or damage that is not important for function 

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