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inkaway is a pain free laser tattoo removal system

inkaway is a specialised & simplified Q Switched Nd YAG tattoo removal laser

inkaway Tattoo Removal Machine

The technology which makes inkaway such a reliable & effective Nd YAG tattoo removal machine

inkaway Treatment Technology

The inkaway is a Q-Switched Nd YAG laser which delivers exceptional treatment results.

inkaway Tattoo Removal Treatments

All machines come with certified training, servicing & warranty contracts & much more.

inkaway Special Machine Package

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Key Features

tattoo removal machine software is very important for good treatments
• High-Res. colour touch-screen
• InteliPulse software for millisecond waveform adjustment
• iCycle customisable skin cooling
• Client auto-configuration*
unlike ipl machines the handset for a tattoo removal laser works using laser technology
• High Performance Xenon unit
• Advanced Q switching technology
• Integrated digital and liquid cooling
• 250,000 shot guarantee on all LBrite Nd:YAG handsets


like many high end tattoo removal lasers such as 'Lynton lasers' the inkaway laser treats tattoos
• Multi-burst shot per second continuous delivery
• Tri capacitors for stable energy output
• Full recharge in less than 1 second
• 532nm & 1064nm attachable filter
full policies and procedures signed off by a doctor for tattoo removal treatments in london
• Fast & simple to adjust and setup
• Superior technology for exceptional results
• Multiple safety features for both client and operator
• Comfortable treatment due to sophisticated energy delivery




Technical Details

Output - Energy Density: 500 - 800mJ/cm2
Output - Voltage: 
700 - 1000V
Pulse Method: InteliPulse customisable waveform
Filtered Wavelength: 532nm & 1064nm 
Pulse Intermission: 5 - 60 ms 
Pulse Width: >10 ns 
Pulse Frequency: 1 - 6Hz
Delivery System: Neo Dynamium - Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Laser (Nd:YAG)
Standard Output Spot: 3mm2 
Cooling System: iCycle liquid refrigerated machine & applicator chamber
Power Supply: 220v/50Hz
Weight: 22 Kg




inkaway tattoo removal technology is safe and easy to use


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Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

The advanced technology of the inkaway Q-switched Nd:YAG Double Rod laser tattoo removal machine can be used to treat a range of coloured and black tattoos.

Q-Switch gives the ability to deliver short & powerful pulses for effective tattoo removal.

Full-colour tattoo removal is achieved with the use of our specialised 1064nm & 532nm optical filters.




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