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laser tattoo removal – The Hidden Costs

It seems as though everyone has a tattoo these days. However, not everyone is happy with their ink, something you surely know well. Whatever the client’s reason for having a tattoo removed, whether a poor choice or a poor job, you as a business owner must provide a service that delivers excellent results, meets their expectations (if not exceeds them) and results in favourable word-of-mouth recommendations for your clinic or salon.

Our popular laser tattoo removal machine delivers just that. Affordable and delivering a fast, powerful beam of light to a small target area to effectively remove unwanted ink, the inkaway Nd:YAG Laser is the laser tattoo removal machine you’ve been looking for.


laser tattoo removal - The Hidden Costs cost of tattoo removal laser


Affordable New Tattoo Removal Technology

The inkaway system shines brighter then the rest


How does laser tattoo removal work? That’s a question that many business owners ask, and no, it isn’t a silly question at all. In fact, it’s an excellent question to seek an answer for if you’re looking to lease or buy a new tattoo removal machine for your business.

The inkaway Q-switch Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal machines are amazing devices, hands down the best new technology to arrive on the scene – that’s why they’re in such high demand. The powerful laser targets a small area of tattoo ink on the client’s skin and uses photoacoustic energy to vibrate and smash the ink into microscopic particles. These particles are then gradually eliminated by the body’s natural processes with no nasty side effects experienced by the client.

This is by far the gentlest and most effective way of removing unwanted ink, which is why this revolutionary new technology is used by doctors to remove spider and thread veins from delicate areas, like a patient’s face. inkaway Nd:YAG tattoo removal machine has been receiving a great review from clinic and salon owners because it delivers the exceptional results that their clients want to see.



Hidden Operating Costs

Cost of tattoo removal laser

While the technology that powers these amazing devices is nothing shy of revolutionary and delivers products that are safe, simple and affordable to use, there are often hidden operating costs that business owners aren’t aware of when they invest in a laser tattoo removal machine. One of these hidden costs that many clinic and salon owners have been stung by is the required lamp changes that amount to an ongoing expense.

This is one of many reasons why you, as a business owner, should only lease or buy a laser tattoo removal machine from a supplier that provides you with the right device, not to mention the right training and support, to get the very most from your investment.



Beware of Profit Share Schemes

You’ve probably seen a few profit share schemes for laser tattoo machines advertised online or heard of someone who’s signed up for one. These schemes sound great at first, but beware as they’re not what they’re made out to be – something many business owners have found out the hard way.

The problem with these profit share schemes is that there’s no real ‘sharing’ involved unless of course ‘sharing’ is a one-way street in which the supplier shares in your profits while you don’t even get a look at theirs.

What’s more, regardless of how they offer to link the sharing of the profits to the use of their machine, the problem is that the business owner always pays more than they should. Not only have many been stung with increasing overheads as a result of signing up for a profit sharing scheme, but many have also been forced to raise the rates they charge their clients for tattoo removals. Now that isn’t a sustainable business model at all, far from it.

If you have need of a tattoo removal machine at your clinic or salon, don’t make the mistake of entering into a profit-sharing scheme, find yourself a supplier who not only provides a top quality product that delivers real results, but also offers the training and support you need.

Don’t forget that there’s more to providing tattoo removal services than just getting hold of a Q-switch tattoo laser machine, you need to have access to the customer support and the specialist training that empowers you to use the machine effectively and provide your clients with a service that makes your business stand out from the competition. 



Getting Started with Tattoo Removal with inkaway

Before you start searching for the best Nd:YAG tattoo removal machine on the market for your business, there are a few things to take note of. Here are a few important things for you to look for and avoid when looking into your buying or leasing options.

Look for – A Nd:YAG machine that uses advanced Q-switching technology and high-performance applicator components to effectively remove a full-colour tattoo range.

Avoid – Laser tattoo removal machines that don’t utilise the superior technology now overwhelmingly associated with Q-switch Nd:YAG laser tattoo removal machines.

Look for – A technologically advanced machine delivering multiple-burst shots per second for continuous treatment delivery and can fully recharge in less than 1 second.

Avoid – Machines which don’t feature the integrated digital and liquid cooling or specialised detachable filters (1064nm - 532nm) that HPT’s revolutionary inkaway does.

Look for – A supplier providing the training and support which business owners need to get the most out of the investment they make in a premium-quality Nd:YAG machine.

Avoid – Suppliers that try to convince you to sign up for a profit sharing scheme which only favours their interests and results in you having to increase your treatment prices.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful and that it clears up a few misconceptions about laser tattoo removal machines, the hidden cost of tattoo removal and profit sharing schemes.

If you’re interested in buying or leasing an affordable tattoo removal machine for your business, don’t hesitate to contact High Profile Technologies about the special promotional launch deals we’re offering for the inkaway laser tattoo removal machine. Visit our website – – or give us a call – 01422 524 006 – to learn more about inkaway.  



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