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Facelifts Are Now Non-Surgical & Effective

With The soniXsmooth Hifu Machine


HIFU technology was developed for medical purposes, and for that reason, it has received plenty of research, funding and testing.

The technology focuses ultrasound waves through an acoustic lens, much the way that sunlight can be focused into a single point through a magnifying glass.

This focused wave passes without effect through tissue (such as skin) until it reaches that converging point of focus. At that point, it produces thermal or even mechanical results.


                      soniXsmooth allows therapists to use similar technology to perform non-invasive skin tightening treatments.


sonixsmooth pain free hifu machine available in the UK

The soniXsmooth has 2 cartridge sizes its range of hifu machines

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Double Deep Cartridges

2 Cartridges Allows You To Select Treatment Depth

sonixsmooth 3.0mm hifu cartridge

3.0mm | Reticular Layer

Treatment of this layer stimulates collagen regrowth; this will aid to reduce the sign of fine & medium wrinkles and give a general plumping effect.

Lower dermis layer is known as the reticular layer

sonixsmooth 4.5mm hifu cartridge

4.5mm | Fascia SMAS

Typically reached during invasive facelifts, stimulating this layer with causes coagulation, which in turn tightens and gives natural tighter skin.

Lower muscle & upper subcutaneous known as SMAS





Single & Ten Line Cartridges

For Fast & Accurate Facelifting Treatments

1 Line | Accurate

Single line treatments are very accurate, allowing the user to treat individual areas for facial sculpting.

10 Line | Accurate & Fast

10 Line treatments are for full face procedures, cutting down the treatment time & increasing treatment consistency.





SRATA3 Technology

Multifocal Length Treatments

Strata3 is a unique treatment technology, it allows for 3 different skin layers to be treated giving 3 distinct results. Fine line wrinkles, collagen stimulation, skin tightening & anti-ageing treatments delivered all using Strata3.

Direct Rail Technology

True Depth Treatment

Unlike many of the copied technologies on the market, soniXsmooth uses a direct rail mechanism for the ultrasonic delivery, this ensures that the first treatment is the same as the last. Consistency is key for delivering effective treatments.

Multi Matrix Technology

Adjustable Pulse

MultiMatrix allows for a fully adjustable pulse (width, length and power), this allows for the practitioner to set up the treatment specifically per customer, giving a truly individual treatment.


Worried About Reliability?


We offer a full 24-month warranty!


We have the utmost confidence in our machines.
If you do have problems with your equipment during the two-year warranty period,
we will come to your site and deal with the issue.


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